Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today and
what we pass on to future generations (UNESCO)

Our built heritage is fascinating – old properties draw you in with their sense of history and can evoke a warmth and atmosphere almost impossible to recreate in a modern structure. Our aim is to encourage you to have a greater understanding and appreciation of the heritage values and the distinctive features of your property. We can help you to assess, develop and maximise your assets and guide you through any statutory heritage requirements.

We value the importance of built heritage and how it reflects on our everyday lives

Era offers a range of heritage consultancy services from informal help in identifying important features, to the preparation of a full history of your property, and from basic reports to resource consents and archaeological authority applications. With extensive experience working with heritage structures across the UK and in New Zealand, we are perfectly placed to provide you with the advice and guidance you may require.

Our heritage services include:

  • Heritage Assessments to identify and record the heritage values of a structure
  • Heritage Statements to assess the impact of proposed changes
  • Option and feasibility studies including design advice and parameters
  • Building Recording (photographic or annotation)
  • Consultation with local authorities and Heritage New Zealand
  • Coordination of other specialists
  • Preparation of resource consent applications
  • Preparation of archaeological authority applications
  • Peer reviews for Councils
  • Temporary Protection Plans
  • House Histories
  • Expert witness at hearings

Just like the buildings themselves, every heritage job is different – so feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements. We work under the ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites) NZ Charter, which provides guidelines on cultural heritage conservation.

kiwi ingenuity

There have been some amazing building methods used throughout NZ in its short history – generations of intuitive builders utilising a selection of materials from mud to straw bales, schist, stone, brick, cob, concrete and more. Take a glimpse at some inspirational examples still around today.

house histories

Every home has a story.

We offer personal House Histories in which we research your home’s history and present it in the form of a coffee table book – these are great for personal use, as an aid when selling your home or a fantastic gift idea.

reports & assessments

Our heritage services range from informal advice to reports, assessments or full applications. Or sometimes an owner just wants to be better aware of the property’s heritage before making any big decisions regarding alteration. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help assess, develop and maximise your assets

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