Era offers heritage advice, resource consent planning services and practical restoration guidance
to individuals, businesses and local authorities.

Whether you are restoring a heritage building, adapting a property for an alternative use or just require some practical guidance regarding your options and obligations – we can help.

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Our services include heritage consultancy, resource consent planning, restoration advice & management, and interior fitout. Taking a comprehensive approach, we can work closely with other consultants, architects, builders, specialists or Councils to take the hard work off your shoulders. We provide a professional, customised service which can involve as much or as little information, guidance and practical assistance as you need – use us as a one-stop-shop to assist you through your whole project, or just pick our brains for the areas you require.

Era also provides services to businesses and Councils in the form of resource consent processing and heritage consultancy.

resource consents

Era offers professional heritage planning services for a wide range of projects. From initial consultation and design advice, through to preparation and submission of resource consent applications. We aim to simplify the often-complex planning system and help you to maximise the potential of your property.

heritage assessments

Heritage Assessments can be an essential tool either for property owners who wish to identify important heritage features prior to renovation; or for Councils who need to recognise and provide for the protection of historic heritage from inappropriate development.

Era can provide a range of reports and heritage assessments to meet all requirements.


Era can provide advice and practical restoration guidance – including identifying important features be to be retained, suggesting appropriate methods of repair, and providing optimum layout options. Our projects range from traditional homesteads and villas to commercial, retail and business premises.

heritage impact statements

The purpose of a Heritage Statement is to assess the impact of proposals with regard to national and local heritage policies and requirements. They are often required as supporting documents to accompanying a resource consent application under the Resource Management Act 1991. They also identify any requirements under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.

full heritage consultancy

Era offers a range of heritage consultancy services from historical research and guidance, to heritage assessments, building recording, temporary protection plans, restoration advice and project management.

From individual structures to building groups, each project is different and no job is too small or too large.

house histories

Every home has a story.

We offer personal House Histories in which we research your home’s history and present it in the form of a coffee table book – these are great for personal use, as an aid when selling your home or a fantastic gift idea.


The conservation of a heritage building is usually facilitated by the place serving a useful purpose and this can sometimes require conversion or adaptation to a new use. This can raise issues in terms of statutory requirements, physical layout and the identification and protection of important features. Era can provide guidance and ensure you are aware of all obligations and options prior to commencing work.

expert witness

The planning requirements relating to heritage structures can often be complex and confusing. The involvement of a heritage expert can provide assistance and help to streamline the process. In addition to dealing with the resource consents and archaeological authorities, Era can also provide submissions, written evidence and act as an expert witness at hearings relating to proposals involving heritage buildings or items.

interior fit out

Era can provide practical restoration guidance including identifying optimum layout options and providing internal fitout advice. Every decision, from the physical layout of rooms to the location of electrical points, can affect the spatial integrity and determine how you use the space. We can assist with all aspects of interior decision making and can provide illustrative plans to help you visualise the end result.

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